10 reasons to choose us

It’s no secret that the health and wellness industry has been inundated with thousands of CBD products that vary greatly in quality, purity, and overall effectiveness. The simple act of shopping can quickly become confusing when so many retailers use attractive labels and graphics to mislead consumers into believing that their product is high quality.

When your overall health and wellness are at stake, there is no room for uncertainty. At New Leaf Botanics, we do everything in our power to make sure your entire shopping experience is transparent and positive, and that our products are consistently dependable so that your faith in our brand is unquestionable.

There are dozens of reasons that we are a preferred nationwide CBD brand, but here are the top 10 reasons our customers refuse to shop anywhere else for superior quality CBD:

1. we only use american-grown hemp plants.

CBD can only be clean and potent if it is derived from healthy, prolific hemp plants grown in the United States under strict farming conditions. Expert cultivators will make sure that every healthy hemp seed is planted in nutritious American soil, and fostered using rigorous and meticulous standards so that the mature plant is rich with beneficial ingredients. U.S. grown hemp is considered the highest quality hemp in the industry, as plants grown overseas tend to contain microscopic chemicals, pesticides, and other unwanted substances.

2. our cbd is expertly extracted to preserve the integrity of every beneficial molecule.

Once the healthy hemp plants are carefully harvested at their peak, it is important that they are handled with care and precision so that every cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid is preserved in the extraction process. Our experts use top of the line extraction equipment and processes, resulting in a phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract that is robust and potent.

3. we utilize the industry’s most advanced purification techniques.

It is important to us that absolutely everything we sell meets the highest standards for purity. That’s why our experts diligently remove every unnecessary microscopic particle, effectively creating a final product that is free of molds, chemicals, metals, pesticides, and solvents.

4. our products are highly bioavailable, thanks to our use of cutting-edge, nano-emulsion technology.

The human body is capable of absorbing particles that are 60-80 nanometers in size, yet most generic CBD products feature CBD that is approximately 2,000 nanometers in size! As a result, the body is simply unable to properly absorb the compounds, making up to 90% of the product you consume go to waste. Nano-emulsion carefully shrinks the particles into a size that can actually be absorbed into the bloodstream seamlessly, which not only makes the product more effective, but it also stretches your investment because a small dosage goes a long way.

5. everything in our inventory is broad-spectrum and thc-free.

Consumers overwhelmingly favor broad-spectrum CBD products over full-spectrum options. Broad-spectrum CBD products contain a rich blend of cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, CBG, and more – as well as flavonoids and terpenes – but without the presence of THC. Full-spectrum products contain a similar blend of ingredients plus up to .3% THC. Although this is federally legal and not known to produce any mind-altering effects, many consumers simply don’t want to consume any THC. That’s why we take the additional step to remove all detectable traces, making every single one of our products THC-free for your peace of mind.

6. our cbd products are non-gmo, gluten-free, and vegan friendly.

It is important to us that every customer can safely enjoy the wide range of CBD products we offer. We make sure that every ingredient is non-GMO, and all of our items are gluten-free and vegan friendly. Our gummies are not only free of gelatin, but they are also naturally sweetened and don’t contain high-fructose corn syrup or artificial dyes. Down to every last ingredient, everything we offer is natural, safe, and holistic. Many of our competitors can’t promise the same.

7. we utilize an independent third-party lab to batch-test everything we sell.

Unequivocally, the most important thing to look for in a trusted brand is the utilization of an independent third-party lab to verify every claim made on the label. Generic brands can claim that their products are clean and pure, but if they can’t prove it, you simply can’t be sure that the claims they make are true.

Several studies have shown that brands that do not have a third-party lab report to accompany their products often have misleading or inaccurate claims on their label. This means that there could be chemicals, metals, and other traces in your product without you knowing about it, and the amount of CBD you think you are consuming may not be accurate either. This is dangerous and not ideal for a wellness product. Everything we sell is batch tested, and you can access the lab reports by scanning the QR code on the side of every bottle. We have nothing to hide from you, and that’s how shopping for wellness products should be!

8. our customer service is second to none.

If you have general questions about CBD, are curious about a specific product, or if you seek a one-on-one consultation with one of our CBD professionals to help you choose the perfect product, we are here for you. We guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way, and we are invested in you and your story. Whether you are new to CBD or you have been enthusiastically using the sensational wellness ingredient for years, you have a trusted advocate when you shop with us.

9. we offer a well-rounded, supportive wellness experience.

In addition to providing some of the nation’s most dependable and pure hemp-derived CBD products, we also offer our customers an immersive wellness experience. On our website, you can find answers to the most frequently asked CBD questions, read helpful and informative blogs, get to know our brand, and so much more! We pride ourselves on full transparency, because you deserve to have a brand that is fully committed to you and your journey – not just to making a sale.

10. we are committed to making a positive difference to individuals and in the community.

Our brand was founded by a professional in the medical field who spent years of his life committed to finding the best ways to promote wellness naturally. His level of expertise permeated throughout our entire brand and sparked a movement, bringing a deep-seated commitment to making a positive impact on the holistic wellness community. We aim to change the way the public views natural wellness solutions by offering dependable products that deliver results to consumers, creating a wave of success stories that skeptics simply cannot ignore.

We realize that there are hundreds of places to buy CBD, and we are honored to be the top choice for thousands from coast to coast who have experienced the New Leaf Botanics difference. Our commitment to you and your wellness journey, along with our lofty goal of changing the way the world sees natural and holistic, plant-based solutions, make us one of the nation’s most renowned, sought-after wellness brands.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals, too!

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