6 Unique Health & Fitness Gifts for 2020

This holiday season, give your loved ones the kind of gift that reminds them just how much you care about their health and well-being. Perhaps more than ever before, achieving and maintaining good health is a top priority as 2020 winds down and we look ahead to the beginning of the new year.

Feeling well – mind and body – is truly a gift on its own. This year, consider giving a unique type of gift; one that inspires your loved ones to feel healthy and stay active. We’ve done some research on your behalf and we have compiled six wellness-evoking gift ideas that are sure to spread cheer this season!

Six Health and Fitness Related Gift Ideas

It’s always fun when you give someone a present that they completely didn’t expect. Finding unique, outside-of-the-box gifts can be challenging – that’s why we did the legwork for you! Any one of these gifts is sure to be the talk of the holidays, because they are both incredibly useful and super creative.

  1. Fitness Dice Workout Game – Staying consistent with nearly any workout routine can be challenging if it isn’t enjoyable. Doing the same exercise on a regular basis causes people to get bored and, eventually, they stop doing it. Fitness dice is a perfect way to make working out fun and exciting again! With options like mountain climbers, sit-ups, jump roping, and even a side to remind players to take a water break, this is a game people will actually want to play! A great workout is just a roll of the dice away, and they are so much fun, they may just motivate the entire family to participate in the activities!

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  1. Cork Yoga Wheel – The perfect gift for any yoga lover, this unique innovation was designed to elevate any yoga routine. The round design both enhances one’s ability to thoroughly stretch and relieve tension from the lower back, and it can also add an additional challenge to one’s typical routine. This gift is capable of safely helping individuals deepen their stretches and strengthen their core muscles, while also gently massaging the spine. Instead of settling for a new yoga mat or another generic gift for the yogi in your life, consider surprising them with something they may have never seen before to enhance their daily practice.

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  1. Chill Pal Cooling Towel – This small but incredibly useful gift will quickly become any athlete’s favorite towel. After an arduous workout, one of the first things people want to do is cool off, and this makes it happen up to five times faster! This Chill Pal cooling towel puts the pep back in your step faster after a workout, delivering a burst of coolness that immediately begins the cool-down recovery process.
  1. Hands-free Dog Leash – If you are shopping for a loved one who enjoys running with their four-legged companion, a more perfect gift does not exist. They may not want to admit it, but holding onto a leash while running can be uncomfortable, and depending on the terrain, it can throw off a runner’s sense of balance. Many dog lovers are willing to endure this minor inconvenience because they enjoy running with their pet, but they won’t have to any longer when you present them with this genius gift. This leash also features a small pouch for treats and other necessities, and also features reflective stitching for enhanced safety.
  1. GPS Running Watch – If you have any passionate runners in your circle, you know that running is so much more than just a recreational fitness activity to them. For avid runners, it is a way of life. They set short term and long term goals, and they often love keeping track of their progress, their distances, their speed, and more. A GPS-enabled running watch helps take their passion to new heights, giving runners the ability to collect important data and set milestones seamlessly. This watch allows users to monitor their performance, connect with others in the fitness community, create custom workouts, and even has a safety feature in the event of an emergency. This high-tech gift is simply perfect for any runner.
  1. Deep Tissue Massaging Foam Roller – The post-workout recovery process is almost as important as the workout itself, so giving loved ones a gift that can improve how their muscles feel while encouraging healthy recovery is almost invaluable. There are many types of foam rollers on the market today, however, a deep tissue massaging foam roller features dense textured sections that mimic getting a professional massage by tending to the deeper layer of muscular tissue. Top athletes swear by this easy to use product for optimal and prompt recovery from nearly any workout, and it truly is an ideal gift for any athlete.

Tip: Pair this gift with New Leaf Botanics’ CBD Sports Cream for an added element to your post-workout recovery! The infusion of cooling menthol will deliver an icy, soothing sensation to elevate your recovery process.

The key to finding the perfect gift is to thoughtfully consider the recipient and what they love. So whether you select one of these unique gifts or find another wellness-evoking present, as long as it comes from your heart, it will be loved and appreciated!

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