A CBD routine to help you through the winter

No matter which part of the country you live in or what your median temperature tolerances maybe, you feel it. You feel the air become sharper, crisper and slightly biting under the skin. The promise of even cooler weather is abound with each nippy breeze. Winter is falling upon us and you start to feel the need to slow down. Your body reminds you that the year is coming to an end. You’ll start to feel sluggish and getting out of bed becomes more of a chore. As the barometric pressure changes, those who are sensitive to atmospheric deviations tend to suffer from headaches, inflammation, and stiff joints. Even though your body will feel these changes, the transition in the season becomes most apparent in your personality. Whether the colder temperature leads to a sense of urgency or the longer nights lends your thoughts to a darker side of your psyche, seasonal changes can be disruptive to your habits and routines.

Keeping up with a consistent CBD regimen and experimenting with healthy dose increases can do wonders with mitigating how you perceive seasonal change. Not only does the routine of keeping your CBD doses regular help with your alertness and overall attitude, but the benefits inherent with your CBD dosage can also be a great blessing during such a transitional season. Even if you’ve decided that your accustomed CBD blends and consumption methods are helping in your day-to-day life with waking up, staying on the ball, relaxing at day’s end or you’re just getting started with CBD and you’re experimenting with how it fits in your life, leveraging its benefits at the turn of the season can keep you on track.

Unfortunately, one of the challenges of dealing with the seasonal change of winter is trying to stay motivated, even if the motivation is to stay on course with your daily routines. You’ll feel tempted to sluff off daily activities because you’ll start to believe that there is less time in the day to accomplish your regular chores. You’ll start to prioritize poorly as your body goes into hibernation mode. This is perfectly normal, but as our society has changed and made it a near requirement to remain active and productive all year-round, it’s important to find ways to integrate daily routines with our own biological responses. An easy and fun way of doing this is by interacting with the season.

The way we interact with a season is by performing activities we most associate with that particular season. For example, we interact with summer by enjoying more fresh fruits and seasonal foods. In the modern era, we can enjoy those foods all year-round, but we tend to consume more during the summer months because it feels right. The same can be said about the winter, when we do things that feel like winter activities, despite modern conveniences to do otherwise, we lend ourselves to a daily routine that keeps us mentally alert and allows us to complete the tasks we wish to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

One of easiest and most fun ways to interact with a season is through food and recipes. When you turn to food you most associate with winter, you’ll start to feel a sense of normalcy and cooking winter specific recipes can be fun as well as an easy way to add CBD to your daily routine. Dropping in a few drops of CBD is a great way to add some supportive benefits to your food, especially if in it’s in a recipe that helps dictate your mood of the season. 

A fantastic recipe we’d like to share is one for a nulled apple cider. With a sweet and tangy taste, apple cider is one of those foods we can easily enjoy the entire year through but holds more of a significance with us in the dreary months of winter. A nice mug of mulled apple cider has the ability to warm us on even the most harrowingly cold days of winter and brighten our darkest days. With the additional benefit of CBD, this apple cider recipe should be the perfect solution to your winter blues and keep you going in the darker days of winter.

Mulled apple cider is possibly one of the most delicious reminders that the cold weather is coming upon us. It’s an incredible drink that is best enjoyed on a cold winter day to help ward off the thoughts of upcoming cold winds and winter chores. This is made even better with a few drops of CBD oil for added benefits. Here’s a simple recipe that will help warm your tummies and souls.


1 quart of your favorite tangy apple cider

2 sticks of cinnamon

1 small seedless orange

1 tsp cinnamon spice

2 tsp ground nutmeg

1 tbsp brown sugar

1 tbsp honey

4 cloves

4-6 drops of CBD orange oil


Slice the orange into thin rounds and put aside. In a large saucepan add cider, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cinnamon spice and cloves. Put saucepan over medium heat and stir. Continue to stir and do not allow the contents to settle or boil. As the cider mixture starts to steam, add sugar and honey. Stir until sugar and honey dissolve. Add orange rounds to mixture and continue to stir, again, be careful to not boil the mixture. If you see a boil start, take saucepan off heat. Continue to heat and stir until you smell a slight aroma of orange. Take off heat completely. Add CBD orange drops to mulled cider. Ladle mixture into mugs and serve.

Serves up to 4

Remember, bears hibernate in the winter, we don’t, so everything that keeps us going is something to cherish. Whether it’s a tasty treat we associate with the season or a daily ritual that reminds us that the world keeps going, it’s important to stay on top of your daily regimen for both your physical and mental health. Depending on what you need to get through the winter months, there’s the right CBD routine for you.

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