organic hemp cbd in arizona

Arizona is known for its noteworthy tourist attractions, like the Grand Canyon and the breathtaking red rock formations in Sedona. But few people realize that Arizona also has cities that record over eight feet of snow annually, like the trendy college city of Flagstaff. No matter which direction you travel in Arizona, you are bound to see some of the most beautiful mountain backdrops. If you happen to be traveling around sunset, you will also experience some of the most fiery, vivid sunsets you may ever witness. 

The temperatures may hit triple digits in most of Arizona, but the outdoors are far too magnetic to avoid! Visitors and residents pack their frozen water bottles, hats, sunscreen and, of course, their favorite CBD products and hit the trails to bask in nature’s most wonderful displays of grandeur. If you want to buy organic hemp CBD in Arizona, don’t settle for a mediocre product. New Leaf Botanics delivers the purest, most effective CBD straight to your door, whether you live in Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Goodyear, Gilbert, Marana, Surprise, Prescott or anywhere else.

cbd 101 

CBD is one of over 100 plant-derived compounds called cannabinoids. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is extracted from the stalks, flowers, and trimmings of hemp, a well-known plant in the cannabis plant family. Not to be confused with its cousin plant, marijuana (which contains significantly higher levels of THC), hemp is the source of all the CBD extracts and wellness products sold on the market today. 

CBD is completely legal and has been since The Farm Bill passed in 2018, which legalized all hemp-derived CBD containing .3% THC or less. Because CBD products contain no more than .3% THC (which is considered minuscule), the compound does not cause mind-altering side effects to consumers, making it a particularly appealing wellness option.

how to identify high-quality hemp cbd 

Unfortunately, there are several CBD products on the market that are very low quality. For the consumer, this is not only unwanted, it can also be unsafe. Some generic CBD brands print claims on their labels that they simply cannot prove, and this can be dangerous. In some cases, this means that your CBD product may have more THC than advertised, or it could contain unwanted metals, pesticides, molds, and solvents. When it comes to your health, you deserve better than that. 

Thankfully, if you know what to look for, you can avoid wasting your money on an ineffective product. If your CBD product meets the following criteria, you can feel confident about its quality. The safest, most trustworthy CBD products should:

contain cbd derived from hemp. 

Only hemp-derived CBD is legal in the United States.

come from hemp that is organically grown in the united states.

The United States has rigorous organic farming standards, ensuring the plant is free of pesticides and other unwanted substances.

be third-party tested by an unbiased lab.

Perhaps the most important quality, ALL CBD products should be third-party lab tested for quality assurance, and you should be able to view the results. This allows you to verify exactly what’s in the bottle instead of trusting the label.

come from a reputable, transparent retailer.

The most trustworthy CBD brands have an informative, engaging website. The website should include their story, their farming methods, the extraction and purification processes they use, detailed product descriptions, third-party lab reports, and access to knowledgeable customer service. Your retailer should have nothing to hide.

If your product of choice meets the above criteria, then you can feel much more confident when you use it. To save you the time-consuming research, remember: every product offered by New Leaf Botanics meets and exceeds every industry standard. With us, you can shop with confidence. We care about your well-being as if it were our own, and we’d never offer you a sub-par product.

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If you have questions, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly, helpful team. We can’t wait to see our premium CBD make a positive difference in your life!