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Lovers of history and nature will experience pure bliss in this riverside California city. Bakersfield is situated along Kern River, and the city is overflowing with ways to keep the mind and body active. 

The Buena Vista Museum of Natural History features geological and paleontological exhibitions the entire family can marvel in, offering visitors up close and personal interactions with ancient fossils and demonstrations. The California Living Museum celebrates California’s flora and fauna – that is, plants and animals prevalent in the region. 

Outdoor enthusiasts will find no shortage of adventures, including river rafting, hiking, and biking, with unique and exciting paths and trails to be explored. To stay healthy and ready for anything, residents trust all-natural CBD products to help promote physical and emotional wellness. If you plan to buy CBD oil in Bakersfield, CA, make sure you choose a trustworthy, reputable brand, like New Leaf Botanics! Because CBD is so popular, it’s best to trust the experts when it comes to your health and wellness.

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CBD is the holistic, plant-derived ingredient making a positive impression on the wellness market, as it offers natural support without unwanted mind-altering side effects. If you are new to CBD, you may be curious about it, so here’s everything you need to know:

  • CBD is a compound derived from hemp. 
  • Short for cannabidiol, CBD is one of many hemp-derived compounds called cannabinoids that are extracted from hemp and added into wellness products in stores and online. 
  • Hemp and marijuana are both in the cannabis plant family, but they are not the same plant. Only hemp-derived CBD products are legal in the United States.
  • Hemp-derived CBD gained legal status in 2018 when The Farm Bill passed, making all hemp-derived CBD with .3% THC or less completely legal for purchase and consumption.
  • THC is the ingredient known to produce psychoactive side effects. Because .3% is considered a minuscule amount, it doesn’t cause a “high” like one might expect from hemp’s cousin plant, marijuana.
  • Premium CBD retailers like New Leaf Botanics take the extra step to remove all of the residual traces of THC from their CBD oil, resulting in a THC-free product for your peace of mind and comfort.
  • CBD is not addictive, as the body is not known to grow tolerant to it.

Because this natural product is safe, legal, and non-addictive, it has become a favorite for Bakersfield residents, as well as other lovers of holistic solutions from coast to coast!

Find Premium CBD at New Leaf Botanics

At New Leaf Botanics, you will find the most cutting-edge, effective CBD products on the market, from a brand you can trust. We pride ourselves on offering a candid shopping experience, so when you visit our website, you will find our personal story, every step of our production process, and even valuable resources, like frequently asked questions and attentive customer service. 

We know that you can purchase CBD just about anywhere, but we believe you deserve more than a mediocre wellness experience. Your CBD should always come from U.S. grown, healthy hemp, which was carefully processed to perfection to preserve the beneficial compounds while removing every unhealthy, unnecessary ingredient. 

Our CBD products are free of chemicals, pesticides, molds, heavy metals, solvents, and even THC. Some retailers leave trace amounts of THC in their products – but not us. At New Leaf Botanics, we want you to enjoy every benefit CBD has to offer without worrying about unwanted ingredients or side-effects. 

Most importantly, we prove every claim we make by batch-testing our CBD products using a third-party lab, and we make the reports available on our website for you to view at your leisure. 

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