Buy CBD Oil in Folsom, CA

One of the best suburbs to live in the Sacramento area, the city of Folsom is visually stunning and full of exciting things to do. Whether you’re a foodie, taking advantage of the eclectic variety of local fare, or you are a nature lover who can’t keep away from the panoramic water views, an adventure surely awaits! 

Folsom Lake is the city’s expansive body of water spanning 11,500 acres, with a gorgeous 75-mile shoreline. It’s one of the most visited parks in California, thanks to the many recreational activities it offers, including: 

✓ Biking

✓ Hiking

✓ Boating

✓ Camping

✓ Horseback Riding

Residents love having year-round activities within a short driving distance. In addition to water bottles, sunblock, and protein-packed snacks, locals also make sure to pack their favorite all-natural CBD product in their picnic baskets, guaranteeing that they have all the support they need to enjoy the day feeling their best. If you want to buy CBD oil in Folsom, CA, New Leaf Botanics has everything you need to maximize your time on the lake!

Proudly serving all areas of California, from North to South. We ship to multiple cities including:

What Is CBD?

CBD is an impressive compound, called a cannabinoid, that is derived from the hemp plant. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is one of many cannabinoids used in health and wellness products.

CBD has become so widely used and trusted because of the seemingly endless positive anecdotes between friends and family, on message boards, and through social media. It seems that when people try CBD, they quickly grow to love it! That’s because hemp-derived CBD is not only natural and plant-derived – it is also completely legal in the United States, non-psychoactive, and non-addictive, so it holistically delivers plenty of benefits. 

CBD became legal in the United States in 2018 with the passing of The Farm Bill, which made all hemp-derived CBD with no more than .3% THC legal for purchase and consumption. The law is sure to distinguish hemp from marijuana because they are both plants in the cannabis family, but only hemp-derived CBD is legal across the country.

Shopping for CBD: Tips from the Pros

At New Leaf Botanics, our experience in the medical field, as well as our firsthand knowledge of high-quality CBD, has given us a unique, helpful perspective on choosing high-quality products. In short, your product should have these four criteria in order to be deemed trustworthy: 

  • Your CBD should come from an honest, transparent brand. The brand should have a website with information about their company, their founding story, thorough information about every product, and details about where they get their hemp and how it’s processed. 
  • To comply with the law, your CBD must only be derived from hemp and contain .3% THC or less. Many high-end brands take the extra measure of removing all detectable traces of THC for your peace of mind. When you shop with reputable brands like New Leaf Botanics, you can enjoy broad-spectrum, THC free hemp-derived CBD products, which allow you to shop with confidence. 
  • For your safety, your CBD should be extracted from hemp grown in the United States to ensure it was cultivated using rigorous, safe farming methods.
  • Your brand of choice should always utilize an unbiased third-party lab to batch-test their products and show you the reports as proof of their claims.

With these four tips, you can shop with ease, knowing that you will reap the benefits of all-natural CBD safely. When you shop with New Leaf Botanics, we guarantee that your CBD shopping experience will meet and exceed industry standards for quality. That’s because we are more than just a brand that sells CBD – we are a family, dedicated to promoting true wellness in others, using all-natural remedies that don’t create unwanted, mind-altering side effects.

On our website, you will find a generous inventory, featuring: 

  • Three flavors of CBD Oil
  • CBD Softgels
  • CBD Sports Cream
  • CBD Salve Stick
  • Two flavors of CBD Gummies

We strongly believe in the power of CBD, because we have seen it change lives. We hope that our unparalleled products can enhance how you feel each day, too! If you’re ready to buy CBD oil in Folsom, CA, visit our website and start browsing. We have numerous effective products to choose from, and in a few clicks, our premium CBD will be on its way to your door!