Buy CBD Oil in Pleasanton, CA

The picturesque suburb of Pleasanton, California is located in an area known as the Tri-Valley: a triangle-shaped region located in eastern San Francisco. Pleasanton is known for its nearly year-round sunny days and seemingly endless outdoor recreation. It’s so lovely, it even made the list of the top ten places to visit in the United States in 2018! In just one visit, you’ll understand why.

Perfectly named, Pleasanton is simply pleasant to explore. For example, Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park boasts over 9,000 acres of scenic landscape, featuring stunning trails for hiking, biking, or horseback riding. At this park, some grand peaks reach an elevation of 1,600 feet, offering breathtaking eagle-eye views. Pleasanton residents love staying active and enjoying the beautiful weather, which is why they have embraced the hottest wellness trend: CBD

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CBD: Helping Pleasanton Residents Enjoy the Outdoors

Getting out of the house to soak in some healthy, revitalizing sun rays while exploring everything this beautiful town has to offer sounds like a treat!

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the hemp-derived compound that has turned the wellness world upside down. Finally, an all-natural health product that can offer relief from head to toe without any unwanted mind-altering side effects. If you haven’t tried CBD, you may be wondering why this compound is so popular. Here’s why:

✔ CBD is completely legal and has been since 2018 when The Farm Bill made all hemp-derived CBD containing .3% THC or less legal for sale, purchase, and consumption.

✔ CBD is derived from hemp and does not cause psychoactive side effects. Unlike its cousin from the same plant family (marijuana), hemp has naturally low levels of THC. Premier brands, like New Leaf Botanics, take the additional measure of removing all detectable traces of THC for your comfort.

✔ CBD is non-addictive and is safe to use on a daily basis.

✔ CBD is completely natural, plant-derived, and interacts beautifully with the body’s endocannabinoid system, promoting true harmony and homeostasis (your full body functioning optimally).

With so many reasons to love CBD, you probably can’t wait to stock up! Before you do, remember: Not all CBD is high-quality. When you want a pure, high-quality CBD product, look no further than New Leaf Botanics!

New Leaf Botanics: A New CBD Experience

At New Leaf Botanics, we do things differently. We are believers in natural, holistic solutions, and we aim to change the way the world sees all-natural remedies to health and wellness concerns. We have seen first hand that CBD can improve how we feel each day ‒ mind and body ‒ and we believe everyone deserves a chance to feel great! 

Modern medicine can sometimes cause unwanted, unfavorable side effects. The founders of New Leaf Botanics, coming from the medical field, have seen this happen regularly.

When you shop at New Leaf Botanics, you can rest assured that our brand is committed to you and your wellness journey. Pleasanton residents love us because:

  1. We are a completely transparent brand. On our website, you can find information about who we are, where our hemp comes from, our process, and even helpful answers to everyday questions. 
  2. We offer premium CBD products, featuring pure, refined phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract. 
  3. Our CBD is derived from hemp proudly grown in nutritious U.S. soil under strict farming standards. 
  4. All of our CBD products are THC-free.
  5. Our generous inventory has something for everyone (softgels, oils, gummies, and topicals, like sports cream and a salve stick).
  6. Our products are batch-tested using an unbiased third-party lab, so you never have to question what’s in the bottle, because the lab report will show you.
  7. Our customer service is second to none! Whether you have a general question about CBD or you would like more information about a specific product, our friendly, helpful team will be pleased to help you!

At New Leaf Botanics, we offer an unparalleled CBD experience. If you are ready to buy CBD oil in Pleasanton, CA, browse our wide inventory to get started. We conveniently ship our premium CBD straight to your door!