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Lovingly coined “the biggest little city in the world,” Reno offers visitors and residents all of the bright lights and entertainment you would find in nearby Las Vegas, plus plenty of museums, zoos, and art galleries. And, just a short distance away is one of the nation’s most stunning natural wonders: Lake Tahoe. With its vividly blue water and striking mountainous backdrop, Reno residents have a vacation destination in their very own backyard. Reno is a lovely place to visit for car lovers who want to look at beautiful antique cars or art-lovers who can stop by the Nevada Museum of Art to explore beautiful collections or shop for gifts for their friends or family. Reno is way more than just gambling and provides visitors with countless options for entertainment. 

Whether you are placing bets or spending the day on the lake, if you’re like most Reno residents, you probably take your favorite CBD product along with you on the adventure. CBD is the most natural and dependable wellness product on the market today. Without unwanted euphoric side effects, CBD helps you get the most out of every day. It’s better to walk from one attraction to another instead of walking from store to store to find the right wellness product. So, when locals want to buy CBD oil in Reno, NV, they immediately visit New Leaf Botanics’ online shop! 

Try exploring Nevada’s vast landscape in search of the perfect photo, or just relax in the beautiful desert sun. Nevada has something for everyone, and we do too. Venture down to one of our locations and see for yourself. Henderson, Reno, and Summerlin.

What Is CBD? 

CBD (the acronym for cannabidiol) is the plant-derived compound that has made an impressive mark on the wellness industry. Derived from healthy hemp plants, then added into a number of unique, convenient products, this natural, non-addictive compound has changed the way the world views natural solutions. 

Hemp-derived CBD became legal in 2018 when The Farm Bill was signed into law, legalizing all derivatives of hemp that contain up to .3% THC. Since then, lovers of holistic wellness solutions have trusted CBD on a daily basis to tend to discomfort in the mind and body naturally!     

Reasons to Shop with New Leaf Botanics

CBD has become a popular addition to many people’s routines, and there is a growing number of CBD products and brands. The primary question crossing your mind before getting started with CBD is which product to choose.

There is no shortage of CBD brands or lack of hemp-derived products at local stores, but so many aspects decide if the product is the right choice for your goals and needs. While Reno provides you with so many entertainment places, you want to use your spare time to enjoy the lovely city. Reading labels at one of the local stores selling CBD would be an unexciting way of spending time in Reno. You want to make sure you are getting the right product, the quality of the hemp and ingredients vary across brands. Your hemp-derived CBD products shouldn’t contain more than the allowed amount of THC, which according to the 2018 Farm Bill, is .3 percent. 

Besides, hemp remediates contaminated soil during its growing season, leading to unwanted elements possibly appearing in your wellness products. It’s crucial to know where your hemp comes from before adding CBD from its extract to your routine.  At New Leaf Botanics, we provide you with THC-free products from Colorado-grown hemp using organic farming practices. We are transparent about our products, and with third-lab test results, we can assure you our products are free from THC, heavy metals, and pesticides. The test is a great way to guarantee the product’s quality and verify ingredients on the label, so you know what you are getting with your purchase. When you shop with us, you can shop with confidence because we provide you with industry-leading hemp-derived products that are:

  • THC-free
  • Are sourced from Colorado-grown hemp using organic farming practices
  • Are third-party lab tested

Besides, we offer expert customer care. We know many thoughts and concerns may cross your mind before you invest in any wellness product. Our customers’ lifestyles differ, and so do their goals and preferences. We are proud to offer a wide range of products that anyone can include in their regimens. Before buying one, you may have questions about hemp-derived CBD or may want to receive a recommendation based on your priorities. We are happy to answer your questions and assist you in your shopping experience to have the best CBD experience. 

New Leaf Botanics: Cutting-Edge CBD Products 

Tapping into the most advanced technological breakthroughs and using forward-thinking techniques, at New Leaf Botanics, we ensure that our inventory is full of helpful, diverse options that can fit into your lifestyle seamlessly to meet your wellness needs. All of our broad-spectrum, THC-free, Premium Grade CBD products are held to the highest industry standards, and third-party tested to prove their potency and purity. 

Get Started Now!

Shopping for CBD is supposed to give you joy, not stress from walking between aisles searching for the product without unwanted ingredients. New Leaf Botanics is ready to deliver premium CBD products straight to your doors in Reno, NV. Our products are THC-free and made from meticulously-grown hemp, cultivated in the United States under strict farming regulations. Simply shop online to place your order, and it will be delivered to your door quickly for you to enjoy. Contact us with questions or success stories, too! We love hearing from our happy customers!