Buy CBD Oil in New Brunswick, NJ

Known as “The Healthcare City” for its many medical facilities, New Brunswick is ahead of the curve on all things health and wellness. Just 27 miles southwest of Manhattan, NY, New Brunswick enjoys all the perks of a major city while still having pockets of down-home charm where residents enjoy close-knit neighborhoods and a true sense of community. With plenty of outdoor entertainment – like the Rutgers Gardens, a 60-acre natural botanical garden to explore – residents can always enjoy nature when they need a break from the city.

As a health-centered city, residents are always eager to buy CBD oil in New Brunswick, NJ, because they know it actually works. Take it from these in-the-know locals: This natural, holistic solution is absolutely worth investing in.

New Jersey is a captivating place with plenty to do, while maintaining the coziness of a small town. Here at New Leaf Botanics we have done our best to capture that essence, proffering that feeling of home. Let us bring some comfort into your life. Meander your way to places like New Brunswick, Glassboro, Princeton, and South Orange to be part of the family today.

Why CBD?

CBD is the wellness product that impresses even the most skeptical consumers because of the all-natural benefits it offers. The hemp-derived compound’s long name is cannabidiol (CBD for short), and recently, it has been added into a wide range of health products aimed at improving how individuals feel each day. Because hemp-derived CBD products are legal in the U.S. and have been since The Farm Bill of 2018 passed, it has been New Brunswick’s top holistic wellness option for years!

According to the law, hemp-derived CBD with no more than .3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be purchased and enjoyed across the country. The trace amount of THC is negligible, so hemp-derived CBD is not known to produce mind-altering side effects – adding to the beneficial compound’s mass appeal.

CBD is used on a daily basis to help promote true physical and emotional harmony, as it evokes mental clarity and helps the mind and body wind down when it feels fatigued. It can encourage better sleep and even support joint and muscle recovery. Because the plant-derived compound is so versatile, it delivers a wide range of benefits to consumers seamlessly.

CBD Shopping: Understanding the Label

Most consumers look at the label before purchasing a health and wellness product. When it comes to CBD shopping, you may find some phrases you are not familiar with that are specific to purchasing CBD, and we want to help you understand the labels so you can choose healthy, high-quality products. Here are the most common things you will see printed on CBD product labels and what it means.

Premium Grade: There is a difference between the adjective “premium” and the official designation “Premium Grade.” Only products that meet the highest industry standards for purity and quality can earn the honor of being classified Premium Grade, and those products are the most effective and trustworthy.

Third-party tested or lab tested: Reputable retailers will always have an independent lab batch-testing their CBD products. You may be curious why your product may need to be tested by a lab and what utility it has. If you are new to CBD, note that this is one of the most important qualities to look for when shopping. That’s because the third-party lab test is the best way for you to see exactly what’s in the bottle and whether it matches the ingredient list printed on the side. 

There have been studies highlighting the discrepancy between label claims and the actual product inside, and that’s only possible when there is no lab test to prove that they match. Trustworthy brands will always prove their claims via a lab report, often accessible by scanning the QR code on your bottle. 

New Leaf Botanics: New Brunswick’s Trusted CBD Retailer

At New Leaf Botanics, we offer a generous inventory of Premium Grade CBD products to choose from, so everyone can experience the all-natural power of CBD. Our brand is wellness-centered and passionate about helping consumers find products that can enhance their daily lives naturally, without relying on unnatural, chemical-based solutions. Instead, our potent, all-natural CBD products are safe, non-addictive, and do not produce unwanted, mind-altering side effects, so you can feel your best each day without restrictions! 

We offer orally-administered products like CBD Softgels, Oils, and Gummies, as well as topically-administered products, like CBD Sports Cream and a CBD Salve Stick. There’s something for everybody to enjoy! If you’re ready to buy CBD oil in New Brunswick, NJ, you can conveniently shop online at your leisure. We ship our premium CBD straight to you, so you never have to leave home to find the best CBD on the market.