Buy CBD Oil in South Orange, NJ

South Orange is a gem in New Jersey, offering a quick, easy commute to Manhattan (where most locals work), as well as striking architecture and a diverse, inclusive community. Residents adore this eclectic area, as it offers the best of the big city in their backyards, while still providing a welcoming neighborhood without the constant noise and excitement of the city.

When they aren’t navigating through Manhattan traffic, locals have a few favorite hotspots that keep them connected to nature, including: 

Each of these natural wonders has a charm of its own, featuring animals, trees, plants, waterfalls, and hiking trails. There is no shortage of natural beauty here. To keep up with the fast-paced neighboring big city, residents frequently buy CBD oil in South Orange, NJ. When they do, they don’t waste their time scouring local shops for high-quality CBD. Instead, they go straight to New Leaf Botanics – the nation’s trusted premium CBD retailer!

New Jersey is a captivating place with plenty to do, while maintaining the coziness of a small town. Here at New Leaf Botanics we have done our best to capture that essence, proffering that feeling of home. Let us bring some comfort into your life. Meander your way to places like New Brunswick, Glassboro, Princeton, and South Orange to be part of the family today. 

CBD: Fiction vs. Fact

Because the all-natural compound is so popular and well-known, there is, unfortunately, a lot of misinformation about CBD online. To help you better understand why CBD is such a popular, attractive wellness option, we’ve set the record straight on a few things for you. 

Fiction: CBD and marijuana are the same thing.

Fact: While CBD can be extracted from plants in the cannabis family, CBD is not marijuana. Marijuana is a plant in the cannabis family, just like its sibling plant, hemp. The two plants are not identical. CBD is a compound, called a cannabinoid, and only hemp-derived cannabinoids are legal in the United States, so that’s what you will find in your wellness products.

Fiction: CBD makes you feel “high.”

Fact: Hemp-derived CBD can have a maximum of .3% THC in order to comply with the law, and that trace amount is not known to produce any psychoactive side effects. Because CBD is commonly confused with marijuana, individuals incorrectly assume that CBD has high levels of THC like marijuana does, but it does not.

Fiction: CBD is addictive.

Fact: Because CBD has, at most, .3% THC, it does not have the chemical ability to be addictive. THC is the ingredient known to bind to receptors, causing individuals to feel an addictive craving or desire. Because hemp-derived CBD does not interact with the body that way, this is not a concern.

Fiction: CBD always has THC in it.

Fact: Even though the law allows for a trace amount of THC to be present in products, many reputable retailers will remove those traces for the extra peace of mind it gives to customers. There are several products labeled “THC-free” or “broad-spectrum,” and these products do not contain THC.

Shop at New Leaf Botanics

At New Leaf Botanics, we offer a wellness experience unlike any other. In addition to selling some of the best, most bioavailable CBD on the market, we also provide our family of customers with plenty of support and resources to help them along their personal wellness journey. 

We realize that life’s best moments can be experienced after using natural, holistic remedies – not toxic, chemical-based alternatives. Coming from the medical field, we have seen firsthand how CBD can improve lives and restore youthful energy and vigor. It is clear that the future of CBD is bright and full of promise, and all-natural, holistic solutions have the power to change the world as we know it.

Everything we sell is held to the highest standards in the industry, and we pride ourselves on utilizing the most advanced, precise methods to ensure that every product is top-notch. From plant to package, we never cut corners. Our CBD is always derived from U.S. grown hemp, purified to perfection to remove every unwanted trace (including THC), and batch tested to verify the utmost purity. 

With so many broad-spectrum products in our inventory to choose from, including CBD Softgels, CBD Gummies, CBD Oils, a CBD Salve Stick, and CBD Sports Cream, there’s a Premium Grade product at New Leaf Botanics for just about everyone to love! If you want to buy CBD oil in South Orange, NJ, get started today by shopping online, and we will ship your order straight to your door quickly.