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Premium Quality CBD Oil in Fremont, CA

Tucked beautifully in old historic Alameda County, Fremont is the charming and engaging city in San Francisco Bay with surprises at every turn! Featuring unexpected adventures, Fremont offers locals and visitors things you can’t find in other cities in America. For example, you can visit The Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum where you can take a journey through days past through photographs and artifacts. Another way to embrace local history is to stop by the Ardenwood Historic Farm, featuring horse-powered farming!

There are also plenty of outdoor adventures at your fingertips – from Coyote Hills Park to Mission Peak – giving you no shortage of activities for the whole family. No matter how you choose to spend the day, don’t forget to pack your favorite CBD products! Fremont residents can’t seem to get enough of it!

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CBD Basics

CBD is the sensational hemp-derived ingredient making its way into health and wellness products across America. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a molecular compound called a cannabinoid. Hemp contains dozens of similar compounds, and when they are derived from plants, they are referred to as phytocannabinoids. After careful extraction and purification, a phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract is the perfect ingredient to add to a variety of products.

As long as your CBD comes from a trusted and diligent retailer like New Leaf Botanics, you can feel confident that your product is of exceptional quality, pure, non-psychoactive, and compliant with federal law.

Tips for Buying Premium CBD in Fremont

When you decide you want to update your current routine by incorporating natural and holistic products, it won’t take long before you start investigating where to buy CBD oil in Fremont, CA.

Before spending an entire afternoon browsing the internet, searching for great products and a trustworthy company, take these tips into consideration. If you want to know whether a product is clean, chemical-free, and crafted with care, look for these four traits:

1. American-grown hemp

Hemp that was grown here in the United States is far more likely to be pure and free of toxins and pesticides. The U.S. has rigorous farming standards, and expert cultivators are diligent in following these regulations. Hemp that was grown in other countries has a greater chance of being grown using a wide range of chemicals, which is not ideal for use in a wellness product.

2. Increased bioavailability

CBD can vary significantly in its quality and its ability to absorb into the body. In addition to requiring a carrier oil to help the compounds penetrate into the bloodstream, a superior product will have been thoughtfully processed to shrink the CBD particles into a size that can be better absorbed, increasing its bioavailability. Without advanced processing like nanoemulsion, the compounds simply cannot absorb into your system. In some cases, only 10% of the CBD absorbs into the body if it’s not processed properly.

3. Broad-spectrum and THC-free

Even though the Farm Bill of 2018, which legalized CBD, allows for products to contain up to .3% THC, many consumers simply do not want to consume THC at all. A broad-spectrum, THC-free product will give you all of the multi-faceted benefits of a rich hemp extract without the presence of THC for your peace of mind. 

4. Tested by an independent third-party lab

When you’re shopping for CBD, this should be a non-negotiable trait! Before you consume or apply any CBD product, make sure that your brand of choice utilizes an independent third-party lab to rigorously test the final product so you can be certain that the label matches what’s in the bottle. Viewing the lab report, you can see for yourself how much CBD is in the bottle and whether the lab detected traces of any chemicals, molds, metals, or THC.

New Leaf Botanics: Fremont’s Top Choice for CBD

If you’re like most residents, you probably don’t want to waste hours of your day trying to figure out where to buy CBD oil in Fremont, CA. At New Leaf Botanics, we take the guesswork out of finding a trusted brand by providing every resource you could possibly need to see that we are a trustworthy and transparent company.

Developed by a medical professional who is committed to all-around health and wellness, our brand is centered on you and your journey. We offer CBD Softgels, CBD Oils, CBD Gummies, and CBD topicals like a CBD Salve Stick and CBD Sports Cream, and everything we sell meets and exceeds all industry standards for superior quality. We can’t wait for you to try our Premium Quality CBD!

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