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Premium Quality CBD Oil in Surprise, AZ

The appropriately named Arizona city has plenty of surprises in store for locals and guests as the rapidly-growing area becomes more developed, dynamic, and family-friendly. In the year 2000, Surprise, AZ had only around 30,000 residents. Since then, the area has nearly quadrupled in size, and is now home to a population of over 130,000!

Arizona is home to beautiful and diverse cities such as, Tucson, Flagstaff, Goodyear, Gilbert, Phoenix, Marana, Scottsdale, Prescott. Each cities’ sites and people make for a unique experience offered by this great state of ours.

As a fun and interactive city, Surprise features many tight-knit neighborhoods tucked into its expansive community. Many locals find Surprise to be a perfect place to live because it is within driving distance of entertainment-packed Westgate and Park West, and also has easy access to hiking and biking trails in the White Tank Mountains. Even though there are plenty of shopping options, locals still prefer to shop online to buy CBD oil in Surprise, AZ, and their favorite retailer is New Leaf Botanics!

It’s No Surprise – Locals Love CBD!

CBD (cannabidiol) is the plant-derived ingredient Arizona loves, and residents in Surprise have really embraced the hemp-derived compound in recent years. As of 2018, the law states that all hemp derivatives are federally legal as long as they contain no more than .3% THC.

Additionally, the holistic compound doesn’t produce mind-altering side effects, is not addictive, and it’s safe to use morning or night – so what’s not to love about it?

The New Leaf Botanics Difference

We offer an unmatched experience – from excellent processes to an exceptional line of CBD products to superior customer service – and we stand out among competing brands because we have above-average standards at every step, including: 

1. Our hemp is American-grown

We know that hemp grown on U.S. soil is held to more stringent farming standards than hemp that is grown overseas. We make sure that our hemp is cultivated under the strictest conditions in order to foster healthy and prolific plants, free of chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs.

2. Our processing is advanced and precise

One of the reasons that different CBD products vary in quality is because of the way they are processed. Once harvested, the hemp plant should be handled with care as an advanced process carefully extracts all of the beneficial compounds. Then, using cutting-edge equipment and techniques to ensure consistency and precision, the potent ingredients should be thoroughly purified and shrunken into a size that your body can absorb in a process called nanoemulsion. Nanoemulsion makes the compounds more bioavailable in your body so none of it goes to waste. If your brand of choice doesn’t invest in this technology, you can only absorb about 10% of the CBD you consume because the particles are simply too large.

3. We refine our products diligently to ensure they are broad-spectrum and THC-free

The best CBD products on the market today feature a broad-spectrum, THC-free hemp oil as the primary active ingredient. Rich with numerous beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, broad-spectrum products are now considered the “gold standard” and give you the peace of mind that your product does not contain any detectable traces of THC.

4. We send our products to be analyzed by an independent third-party lab to guarantee quality and purity

For full transparency, we make sure that our customers have access to the lab reports for every product we sell. Without exception, every product is batch-tested by an independent third-party lab and their detailed analysis proves that our products contain no pesticides, toxins, molds, and of course, THC.

5. Our customer service team is second to none

We understand that trying a new wellness product can be daunting. Consumers often have lots of questions and don’t necessarily know where to start. Our goal is to make living a fulfilling and holistic lifestyle easier and more achievable than ever by providing the support and educational resources you need to make the best and healthiest choices. We put people over profits, and we will never tire of hearing your questions, concerns, or success stories! As your wellness advocates, we truly are here for you.

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