Celebrating the Holidays in The New “Normal”

The holidays are upon us and like any other year, we’d like to spend it with the people we love the most. Unfortunately, in a reality that includes social distancing doing so is both a challenge and a hazard. As the people we love most, we want to keep them safe and healthy, but also make time for them and show them how much we really care. How do we accomplish this in a world with COVID?

It’s okay to start new traditions

Don’t be afraid to start new traditions with friends and family. As we come to grips with what can be defined as normal, we have to come to understand what we can and cannot do. Even though we crave old traditions such as sitting around a bountiful feast, imbuing with others amongst the din and clatter of flatware and stemmed glasses, let’s not forget what’s important. The sauce of any meal has always been the company we keep. So, even though we can’t overeat and have a little too much wine among the laughter and stories of old friends, we can still enjoy the company.

Try a virtual holiday party this year. As technology becomes more prevalent in our households, even grandma has learned how to use FaceTime on that iPad she keeps by her easy chair. With advancements in software such as Zoom, Google Meet and Apple FaceTime Groups, it’s easy to have dozens in the same conversation. It may not be the same as sitting around a table, talking about days past between forkfuls of much desired carbs, but being regaled by fantastic stories of days gone by and laughing at silly mistakes that made us blush a lifetime ago are still enjoyed over the air as they are face to face.

Share a CBD experience

An additional way to really share in the moment is to let everyone know you’re baking some delicious CBD cookies for all to enjoy and send them out to all the guests ahead of time. As you’re all gathered together in your holiday zoom meeting or FaceTime call, everyone can partake in your lovely cookies. You may not be able to share an entire feast together but experiencing dessert with one another could help alleviate the holiday blues.

Sharing this experience can also bring everyone closer. With the added benefit of CBD, you show that the wellbeing of those you love means a lot to you and you’d like everyone to find their own path to health. It also opens the door to discussion and education. As you all enjoy a tasty treat, you can discuss the benefits of CBD and how it can lead to health and wellness. Those who were unaware of or skeptical of CBD can now enjoy safely in an easy and fun delivery method while you help them through what CBD can offer.

You can find plenty of delicious CBD cookie recipes online. Choose one that everyone can enjoy, bake away and send those cookie tins filled with joy and the holiday spirit to your loved ones.

Rekindle old traditions

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Not an email, not a text message, not an emoji ridden message via WhatsApp, but an honest to goodness letter using ink and stationery? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Writing a letter takes time and effort, it also shows the recipient that you’re truly thinking about them.

Sending letters this holiday to friends and family is a splendid way to let them know that you care, and you’d like to share your life with them, at least the small portion that you can fit within the few pages it takes to write that letter. The interpersonal feeling of fingers on parchment with handwritten scribbles coming to life as each moment is described from the heart of the author can’t be replaced with a smiley winky face or a keyboard cat. Write your loved ones a letter this holiday and let them know life is still happening. They probably need it.

Exchanging gifts virtually

Gift exchange may seem like an impossible task this year. Without the ability to gather ‘round the tree as Uncle John plays Santa and you get to see the faces of friends and family light up as they open the perfect gift you’ve selected for each person; it may not feel like the holidays without that experience. It’s a real shame too, because you found the perfect tincture flavor for Sandy or Michael’s been hinting at trying a new CBD regimen all year.

It’s a good thing for us that couriers are still fairly reliable during this global crisis. Wrapping and delivering gifts to loved ones has never been easier. Gift exchange can be made even easier with CBD if your order online and have the items shipped directly to the recipients. Whether you prefer to shop locally for your gifts or order online, there are ways to get your gifts to the addresses you want. Combine this with your virtual holiday party and organize an over-the-air gift exchange. Have your gifts delivered ahead of time and workout a point during your virtual holiday party when everyone should be “exchanging” gifts. Make these plans before you start sending gifts, otherwise it won’t be just the gift “peekers” who’ll spoil the fun.

Getting through this apart

It’s still going to be a while until the world returns to normal and as we all crave to be together again, we also know it’s unsafe to do so. Even though it seems like the holidays are ruined, they can still be part of our lives.

There are plenty of ways we can keep the most important aspects of the holidays alive if we use our imagination. In a way, the crisis at hand has brought us closer together even though we’ve been the farthest apart in all of our recollection. As we seek new ways to interact, we’re forced to shift our perspective on what really matters in our personal relationships with others.