Finding a new you in the new year with CBD

As the year comes to an end, we reflect on what 2020 has given us and what we’ve had to adjust during these challenging times. Our concept of normal has been tested and we try to remember what was good, but most of all, we look back at what kind of person we have been and ask questions about how we could have done things differently and if we have lived life to the fullest. For many of us, this answer is marred with conditions that were brought on by the social, environmental and economic climate 2020 presented us. We tried our best and made do with what we had. We may yet emerge with a normal life after what we’ve been through, but the question stands; could we have been better? This is the reason why we make our resolutions for the new year, the reason why we create challenges for ourselves at the beginning of every year, it’s to make us better people. Not just physically, not just for other people, but it’s for times like these. It gives us the foundation to weather some of the most difficult trials in life and continue to make the world a better place than how we found it.

A CBD Softgel routine can be an enormous part of that better you. Different CBD Softgel formulas can offer you different ways to support you throughout your endeavor of becoming a better person. Whether it’s through helping you become more active, improving your mental health or assisting you through a long day, there is a CBD Softgel specifically formulated to assist you in reaching your goals. New Leaf Botanics has different formulas which can help augment how you approach self-improvement, and it all depends on what you’re looking for that will determine the best Softgel for you.

Pain management and remaining active

As we start to age, it’s unavoidable that our joints start to ache, and we become less motivated to stay active. We feel like our bones are creaking and we don’t move quite as well as we once did. The idea of keeping up with toddlers becomes groan inducing and if we forget something on the way to the car, by the time we’re back to through the front door, the day has become a lost cause.

It is an issue that affects over 23% of American adults. That’s more than 54 million Americans. Don’t be fooled by the stereotype of arthritis sufferers either. The average age of those Americans is between 18 – 64. In fact, 8 million working-age adults report that their ability to work is limited because of their arthritis. For example, they may have a hard time climbing stairs or walking from a parking deck to their workplace. With pain affecting even the simplest activities, trips to the gym become insurmountable summits that are left unventured.

Once a popular home remedy, turmeric has been used to treat inflammation and pain for thousands of years. touting the ability to relieve pain, turmeric may hold a deeper secret that we’ve only begun to understand. In this orange root related to ginger is a compound known as curcumin, the active chemical compound in turmeric and many of its relatives, which is responsible for the claims made by its most vocal proponents.

CBD Softgels with Curcumin could be the key in helping to find how to make a better you in 2021.

Sleep and mental health

Mental Health has shown to be directly linked to how much sleep we get and how well we sleep each and every night. Our bodies only receive true rest once we have achieved REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Usually, occurring 90 minutes after we initially fall asleep, this is when our eyes move rapidly but send no visual signal to our brains. Occurring several times during deep sleep periods throughout a rest period, this is an indication of dream state which allows our minds to process information and input we have gathered throughout the course of the day. It’s only during REM sleep that our minds can actually “relax”, and we are considered well rested.

It is estimated that roughly 60-70 million Americans suffer clinical sleep issues and over 70% of Americans report that they don’t sleep enough due to anxiety, daily stress or physical complications. Side effects of sleep deprivations may include constant drowsiness, a lowered sex drive, depression, irregular heartbeat, impaired judgement among other health issues. 

A great way to combat a poor sleep schedule this coming new year is with CBD Softgels Good Night Formula. Containing melatonin, a well-known compound that helps promote relaxation, this Softgel can start you on your way to a healthy nightly routinme that will keep you well rested and on the road to overall wellness, helping those who have put a better sleeping habits down as their new year’s resolution.

All around wellness

Sometimes the all-around benefits of CBD are enough for you. You may not be trying to overcome incredible odds, or you don’t think there’s much need for change, but you admit that any improvement is welcome. 

A regimen of Everyday CBD Softgels may be perfect for you. CBD softgels are one of the most popular CBD products on the market. Easy to use and safe to consume daily, New Leaf Botanics CBD Softgels are a staple in the daily routines of many CBD enthusiasts because they are dependable and long-lasting, offering unmatched support in a simple, easy-to-swallow softgel. Of course, like every product we offer, our softgels are THC-free, so they do not provide a high and are safe to use on a daily basis.

With the new year around the corner, this is the perfect time to turn a new leaf and start a CBD routine for health and wellness. If you are already experienced with CBD and the lifestyle it offers, turning the page on the calendar is the perfect time to re-evaluate and to see if you can improve your current routine.