cbd frequently asked questions

what is cbd?

CBD is an all-natural, plant-derived compound. It is short for cannabidiol, and it’s one of over 100 molecular compounds called cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It is extracted using careful, precise methods, and used in products to naturally promote wellness and vitality.

is cbd legal in the united states?

Yes, hemp-derived CBD products are legal in the United States. They became legal after the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law, making all hemp-derived CBD products containing .3% THC or less legal for purchase and consumption.

what’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana are both plants in the cannabis family. While they are in the same plant family, the two differ greatly in their molecular composition. Most notably, hemp naturally contains low amounts of THC, while marijuana contains more substantial amounts. Only hemp-derived CBD products are legal in the United States.

how frequently can I take cbd?

You can take your ideal dosage of CBD multiple times per day, depending on your needs and the product being used. For orally-ingested products, start with a smaller dosage and increase as needed. For topically-applied products, you can apply them along with your favorite oral product, or stagger oral and topical products.

is cbd addictive?

No, CBD is not known to be addictive, because it does not interact with and bind to receptors in the brain that lead to addiction.

does cbd cause mind-altering side effects?

No, CBD is not known to cause mind-altering side effects. Hemp-derived CBD products contain a maximum of .3% THC (short for tetrahydrocannabinol), the ingredient known for producing the psychoactive side effects (or the “high”) typically associated with marijuana. This low amount of THC is considered minuscule and should not alter one’s mental state. Despite this, some CBD retailers take the additional step of removing the trace amounts of CBD for consumers’ added peace of mind.

is there thc in the cbd products at new leaf botanics?

At New Leaf Botanics, our expertly-crafted CBD products undergo an additional layer of advanced processing to remove all detectable traces of THC for our customers’ comfort and peace of mind. When you read every label, you will see that all of our products are considered “Broad Spectrum,” so you can shop with confidence.

what does “broad spectrum” mean?

“Broad Spectrum” refers to products containing numerous beneficial cannabinoids (in addition to CBD), but without the presence of THC.

where does cbd come from?

CBD is derived from the hemp plant. Once the healthy plant has reached maturity, expert cultivators carefully harvest the plant and then send it for processing. During processing, a scientifically-advanced extraction method is used to separate the potent cannabinoids from the leaves and stalks of the hemp plant while preserving every last beneficial compound. The extracted oils are then used in our carefully-crafted CBD products.

what’s the difference between cbd oil and hemp seed oil?

You may see these words used interchangeably sometimes, but they are actually two different things. CBD oil, also sometimes called “hemp oil,” is the concentrated extract that comes from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of a hemp plant. Hemp seed oil is pressed from the hemp seed ‒  not the plant ‒  so it does not contain the many helpful cannabinoids like CBD.

what is a cbd tincture?

A “tincture” is another word for an “oral drop.” CBD tinctures come in bottles with a dropper applicator. Inside, the bottle contains CBD, other beneficial cannabinoids, and often, a subtle, refreshing natural flavor. Tinctures are administered sublingually ‒ that is, under the tongue ‒ and held for at least 60 seconds, then swallowed. CBD Tinctures are one of the most popular CBD products on the market because they are fast-acting, and the dropper allows users to fine-tune their dosage to meet their needs.

i’m interested in trying cbd. where do I start?

As a CBD beginner, you may want to begin with a CBD Tincture or CBD Softgel. Both products are easy to use, and they are some of the most commonly used CBD products on the market. We recommend starting with a small dosage, then increasing as necessary until you experience your desired effect. If you are unsure of which of our premium CBD products would fit into your lifestyle best, contact us! We would love to point you in the right direction so you can start experiencing the many benefits our all-natural CBD has to offer!

why do cbd products vary in price?

CBD drastically varies in price in stores and online for a few reasons. In general, it is important to understand that not all CBD is created equally. CBD that comes from organically grown hemp in the United States under strict, rigorous farming standards will likely cost more, but you will also have the peace of mind that the hemp was grown in conditions legally regulated for your safety. Additionally, expensive, scientifically-advanced extraction and purification methods are significantly more precise in eliminating harmful, unwanted compounds like heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and molds, resulting in a more pure, effective, more bioavailable CBD product. Finally, brands that utilize third-party labs to verify the content and quality of their products, provide an added layer of comfort, as customers can see for themselves exactly what is in the bottle. 

Regarding CBD, the sentiment “you get what you pay for” is often true if your higher-priced CBD products fulfill all of the above criteria (organically grown in the U.S., scientifically-advanced extraction and purification, and third-party lab tests available for you to view).

will cbd interact with my other medications?

Research into CBD and how it interacts with the body is active and ongoing. So if you are on any prescription medication, it’s best to consult with your physician or medical professional first before incorporating any new medication into your routine.

how long do cbd products last?

Generally, most CBD products have an 18-month shelf life. Always refer to your bottle for additional specific information. We recommend storing your products in a cool, dry place in their airtight containers – like a medicine cabinet or drawer. 

Additionally, even though many of our products are portable and can be used on-the-go, we recommend carrying them in a purse or bag when traveling and avoid leaving them in your vehicle between uses to avoid the products overheating, which could reduce potency.

do you have to take cbd with food?

We recommend taking our orally-ingested CBD products with food, although we are not aware of any known side-effects to taking it on an empty stomach.

i have a gluten allergy. are there any new leaf botanics cbd products for me?

Absolutely. Every product in our inventory is gluten-free and dairy-free, so consumers with those allergies can feel worry-free when they shop.

new leaf botanics cbd has changed my life! do you offer the ability to become an influencer?

Yes, we do! Visit our “Influencer Program” tab to learn more and to submit an application.

do you still have questions? are you seeking a personalized recommendation?

Feel free to contact us, and one of our CBD professionals will be happy to help you!

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