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New Leaf Botanics CBD Softgels with Melatonin can help with your sleep cycle. With the benefits of 25mg of hemp and 1mg of melatonin, each convenient softgel combines the benefits you expect from CBD and the sleep support of melatonin.

no THC

Only the CBD is extracted from the hemp used in New Leaf Botanics products leaving no THC. This ensures you are left with all the benefits of CBD without any of the high associated with marijuana.

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gluten-free & vegan friendly

It is important to us that every customer can safely enjoy the wide range of CBD products we offer. We make sure that every ingredient is non-GMO, and all of our items are gluten-free and vegan friendly. 

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CBD Softgels - Good Night Formula 


With the well-known ability to help promote relaxation, melatonin is combined with CBD in this softgel to support your body’s ability to relax and stay asleep throughout the night.

New Leaf Botanics offers the most refined CBD softgel capsules on the market today. Available in our Good Night Formula, this convenient bottle of pre-measured softgel pills are a perfect addition to your evening routine for a good night’s sleep.

Our premium CBD softgel capsules deliver maximum support thanks to the advanced nanoemulsion technology used to microscopically make the active ingredient, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, up to 200% more bioavailable than other softgels! This advanced process shrinks the particles of the beneficial extract into approximately 25 nanometers in size (40x smaller and more absorbent than competitor’s products), allowing it to more thoroughly interact with your body. Without the use of nanoemulsion technology, other brands can only offer softgel pills with less-absorbent ingredients, so you’ll have to use more to achieve the same result.

Remember to always follow all recommendations listed on the bottle and begin with the lowest dosage until you find your ideal amount. Because our premium CBD Softgel capsules feature a robust, beneficial blend of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, it’s best to understand how many milligrams your body needs in order to maximize your benefits.

At New Leaf Botanics, you can expect an all-around superior CBD product. All of our products are safe to use on a daily basis and contain only the purest, most effective ingredients. The meticulous, scientifically-advanced extraction and purification methods remove all unwanted, unsafe substances; including molds, heavy metals, and pesticides from your product. We also take the additional step to remove all detectable THC from the extract, resulting in the most refined, clean final product.

You can see the purity for yourself when you view the third-party lab reports we provide, which add an extra layer of quality assurance. An independent third-party lab tests for the presence of harsh chemicals and provides precise information about how much CBD is actually in the bottle, so you never have to wonder if our labels are accurate – we provide proof that they are.

Every hemp-derived CBD product we offer is also 100% compliant with The Farm Bill of 2018, the law which made all hemp-derived compounds with .3% THC completely legal for purchase and consumption.



I have always struggled with my sleep, until now. Thanks to New Leaf Botanics CBD Sleep Formula, I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night. I wish I found this years ago!

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our mission: the heart of our brand

At New Leaf Botanics, we are passionate about CBD because we have seen, firsthand, the difference it can make in our lives and in the lives of others. It is our mission to educate our customers about the benefits of all-natural CBD while providing holistic, alternative choices. As a brand, we believe in being transparent and inclusive, which creates a true feeling of community between us and our family of customers.