our story

our mission: the heart of our brand

At New Leaf Botanics, we are passionate about CBD because we have seen, firsthand, the difference it can make in our lives and in the lives of others. It is our mission to educate our customers about the benefits of all-natural CBD while providing holistic, alternative choices. As a brand, we believe in being transparent and inclusive, which creates a true feeling of community between us and our family of customers.

new leaf botanics – committed to making a difference

We know that we all have the power to make a difference in the world. At New Leaf Botanics, we like to have a well-rounded approach to fully embrace what we are capable of – making the biggest impact on individuals, and consequently, the world. 

On a small scale, we strive to have our peerless products positively impact the lives of our customers. If we can educate the public and make our effective products accessible to people who need them, we may be able to shift the public opinion on natural solutions. We believe deeply in the power of CBD and the value of educating individuals about it, and we will work tirelessly to make a difference, one individual at a time.

our production process

locally sourced hemp

Our products are made from hemp grown in the United States, on lush and healthy soil in Colorado. CBD products originating from Colorado are widely known for their superior quality. Some may even say that the superiority of Colorado hemp is like that of wine from Napa Valley.

organic farming practices result in a pure product

Our Colorado hemp farmers only use organic farming practices. That means no pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals are used in the production of our hemp. This is an essential part of our high-quality CBD. 

Did you know that the hemp plant can absorb toxins from the soil? Plants such as hemp, sunflower, alfalfa, corn, mustard plants, willow trees, and others are known for their soil detoxification properties. This process is known as phytoremediation and it refers to the use of plants to remove toxins from the soil. In fact, hemp plants were used to help clean the area after the infamous Chernobyl nuclear explosion in 1986.

When consuming products made from hemp (as well as sunflower seeds, alfalfa, and so on) it is essential to ensure the plants were grown on clean soil using organic farming techniques. If a hemp plant is contaminated with toxins, it will pass on those toxins to the CBD extract.

This is why at New Leaf Botanics, we place a very high value on how our CBD extract is produced, from seed to bottle.


Our water-soluble CBD softgels are produced via a proprietary nanoemulsion process that increases the bioavailability of the CBD up to 200% than most CBD products on the market. This process breaks down the CBD oil in nano-sized emulsions. The particles are so small that the CBD extract becomes water-soluble. This dramatically increases the absorption and efficacy of our CBD softgels, helping you get more from the product.

third-party lab testing

Every single batch of our products goes through third-party lab testing to ensure that there are no pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and no THC in our CBD products. 

organic ingredients

We strive to use organic ingredients to complement our premium CBD extract. For example, our CBD Sport Cream has additional organic ingredients such as organic beeswax, organic shea butter, organic jojoba seed oil, organic rosemary, organic sunflower seed oil, etc. Our tinctures are produced with organic MCT oil (coconut-derived) and our flavors are added through organic essential oils. At New Leaf Botanics, our mission to bring the highest quality, USA-crafted CBD products. 

Treat your body well. Practice mindfulness, eat healthy, exercise, and choose organic, locally-sourced products. 

“Treat your body like a temple, not a woodshed. The mind and body work together. Your body needs to be a good support system for the mind and spirit. If you take good care of it, your body can take you wherever you want to go, with the power and strength and energy and vitality you will need to get there.”

– Jim Rohn
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