Quarantine Eating Plans: Staying Healthy While Sheltering in Place

The coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives in significant ways. Whether you’ve had to help your children become accustomed to attending school virtually or had to make changes in your career by searching for another job or working from home, you’ve likely noticed some changes in your food and diet habits as well. Staying healthy in quarantine can be a challenge since all the snacks in your refrigerator and pantry are readily accessible. Fortunately, there are some suggestions you can keep in mind to make sure you keep your health intact during this unprecedented time. 

Schedule Your Snack Time 

If you’re working or attending school from home, it’s easy to put a project on pause while you run to the kitchen for a snack. You may not notice that you’re overeating and consuming more sugar or salt than you normally would. If you schedule a time for snacks, you’ll be less likely to eat too much and stick to your weight management goals. 

Prepare and Freeze Food 

Even though you’re staying home most of the day, you may still be extremely busy. Preparing lunches and dinners and freezing them is a great way to save time. You can make meals in a slow cooker, like chicken and vegetables, pasta dishes, and chili, and freeze them so you can have a meal on the table in a matter of minutes. This also keeps you from using food delivery services too often. While you may want to order pizza or Chinese food every once in a while, this expense can add up, especially if you’re trying to manage your budget during the quarantine. 

Pay Attention to Your Body 

You may find that you’re eating more while you’re at home due to anxiety or stress. The fact that food is readily available doesn’t make it easier to overeat. If you pay attention to the way your body feels throughout the day, you can tell whether you’re experiencing stress or hunger. If you still feel the urge to eat, make sure you have healthy snacks like fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, and whole-grain crackers on hand. this will keep your blood sugar steady, stave off your hunger, and boost your immune system, which is especially important during this time. 

Plan Your Grocery Shopping 

You’re more likely to stick to your food and diet goals if you plan your trips to the grocery store. This will also help you maintain social distancing mandates and help you avoid making multiple trips to the grocery store during the week. If you have small children that you have to take to the store with you, it’s especially helpful to plan your trips so you can finish this errand as quickly as possible. Go through your kitchen and make a list of the things you need, and add one or two treats that you and your family can enjoy to help boost your mood. Depending on where you live, you can also arrange for groceries to be delivered to your door so you won’t have to leave your house. 

Try New Recipes 

The quarantine is a perfect time to try some new recipes. If you don’t want to get stuck in a pattern of eating the same things every day, plan to make one new recipe a week. Include as many fresh, healthy ingredients in your meal as possible to ensure you and your family are getting proper nutrition. This is also a fun way to bond with your loved ones, and some of the recipes you try could turn into family favorites. 

You may also want to try new health and wellness routines while quarantined as well. CBD has been causing quite a stir in the wellness world and this might be the perfect time to experiment with it as a dietary supplement. Benefits from relaxation to pain relief have been anecdotally reported since this product has first hit the marketplace. You can try some product in recipes and learn more about CBD from New Leaf Botanics, a great source of information and products.

Even though we’re not sure when the quarantine will be over, there are still ways you can control the way you and your family eat so you can stay as healthy as possible.