Sleep Medications and Mental Health: What’s the Connection

We need to sleep to allow our bodies to recover the energy we spend throughout the day, but it’s not easy to achieve for some people, and many struggles to fall asleep even when feeling exhausted. Around 50–70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder, with insomnia being the most common cause of keeping them awake. However, there are more than 80 sleep disorders that could be disrupting your sleep. There is no single cause of sleeping problems, and reasons can vary from anxiety and depression to bipolar disorder. Chronic illnesses such as thyroid disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, kidney disease can also cause insomnia. 

While sleep problems are prevalent in patients with a mental health disorder, sleep deprivation can also affect one’s mental health. Getting a restful night’s sleep is essential for overall wellness and keeping the body and mind healthy. Some habits you incorporate or exclude from your regimen can help you fall and stay asleep more easily. In some cases, when healthful methods of getting proper rest don’t work, doctors may prescribe drugs to treat a sleeping disorder. One might assume, if lack of sleep can lead to mental health issues, then sleeping pills, helping in getting rest, will support our mental health. However, that’s untrue, and before making conclusions, it’s essential to look at the types of sleeping pills and see how they can affect our minds.

Sleeping Pills

There are different types of sleep medicine that your doctor may recommend, and these are called sedative-hypnotics. These medications work on receptors in your brain to slow down the nervous system, reduce tension and anxiety, induce calm, or induce sleep. Depending on the sleeping disorder, some of these pills aim to ease falling asleep, while others help to stay asleep.


Benzodiazepines are the oldest class of sleep medications and are amongst the most prescribed medications for sleep in the United States.  They are central nervous system depressants used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, convulsions, and other acute stress reactions. Common benzodiazepines include Ativan, Valium, and Xanax and are highly effective in treating anxiety and insomnia due to their sleep-inducing and sedative properties. They slow down your body and brain and reduce symptoms of anxiety so you can sleep better.  They increase the effect of a brain chemical called GABA, which reduces brain activity in the brain’s areas responsible for rational thought, memory, emotions, and essential functions, such as breathing. 

Those aids are beneficial for building a sleep schedule, so you can go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. The routine will maintain your body’s internal clock and help you return to a healthier sleep pattern. Although these drugs may be useful short-term, they are potentially addictive and can cause memory and attention problems. Benzodiazepines are usually not recommended for long-term treatment of sleeping disorders. According to Mental Health America, the most common side effects of Benzodiazepines are slowed down thoughts and psychical movement, memory problems while on the drug, loss of appetite, and physical dependency on the drug. Chronic use of benzodiazepines may also cause depression, cognitive impairment, and an increased incidence of developing dementia. Per American Addictions Center abusing benzodiazepines can also cause mood swings, Mental confusion, and hallucinations. 

Non-Benzodiazepine Sedative-Hypnotic Sleeping Pills

Certain medications known as Non-benzodiazepine sedative-hypnotic sleeping pills act on the same area in the brain but have fewer side effects and less addictive. While such pills can help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer, they can cause false-dependency, and you might start believing you can’t sleep without them. You can experience withdrawal symptoms once you stop taking them and may have anxiety and rebound insomnia. 

Sleeping pills are beneficial when taking on a short-term basis, as they may become less effective when taking for long as your brain adjusts to their effect and can be addictive. 

Sleeping Pills:

  • Can be useful on short-term
  • May help treat insomnia.
  • Are beneficial to get back to a regular sleep schedule
  • When used for long can cause side effects such as depression, cognitive impairment, dependency
  • Are possibly addictive
  • Abusing them may result in mood swings, mental confusion, and hallucinations. 
  • May become less effective over time.

Try Non-Drug Treatments First

Sleep can directly affect your health and wellness and may affect different aspects of your life, including productivity. Stress or the physical world around you may keep you awake at night and negatively affect your performance, concentration, or overall quality of life. Sleeping pills can work in the short-term, but if you are looking for solutions that work without unwanted side effects, try non-drug treatments first. 

Melatonin, the hormone that the pineal gland in the brain produces predominantly during the night, fulfills many functions in the body and various organs, tissues, and cells, but it is mostly known for maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.  Numerous diseases may cause reduced levels of melatonin in your body. The most common symptom of insufficient melatonin in your body is sleeping disturbances. It’s difficult to fall and stay asleep when your brain doesn’t produce enough of this hormone. 

CBD Softgels – Good Night Formula

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