The Definitive Guide to Buying and Using CBD

It’s 2021, and CBD is everywhere you look and go. The word about the natural cannabis compound keeps spreading, and more and more people want to give it a try. Getting started with CBD and adding it to your routine may come with many questions: You want to know which product to choose, how much to take, where to buy CBD, or even what it can do for you before you begin your very first CBD shopping journey. The Definitive Guide to Buying and Using CBD will help you shop with confidence, so you know what to choose for your goals and needs and what to expect from your purchase.

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation you must already have heard in the last few years. Many of your friends, colleagues, neighbors, or family members may already be amongst CBD enthusiasts and keep telling you to acquire one of the trending products. You go to a local store or even online and see a wide array of options from countless retailers. Adding a new element to your routine may come with doubts and concerns, and in the checkout lane, you may realize there’s not much you know about CBD other than so many around you have been amazed by it. So, you may ask, what is CBD after all?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant growing in popularity since the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp-derived products federally legal. Hemp is marijuana’s cousin plant, but it has such low THC concentrations – a psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant, it won’t cause mind-altering symptoms. Hemp-derived products with up to .3% of THC are federally legal for selling and consumption. Marijuana features much higher THC content, so it remains federally illegal.

Hemp-derived CBD is:

  • Safe to consume daily
  • Federally legal
  • Natural
  • Non-addictive

How Do People Use CBD?

Millions of Americans have already tried CBD products in different forms. Some prefer taking it orally, while others choose to apply it directly to their skin or inhale CBD using a vaporizer. Various CBD product types are now available at countless stores across the U.S. that won’t leave anyone empty-handed.

Taking CBD Orally: Softgels, Gummies, and Tinctures

Orally administered CBD products are popular amongst CBD consumers. Many go for CBD softgels which are easy to swallow and come in pre-measured CBD doses. CBD gummies make taking a daily amount of CBD a fun and flavorful experience. They also feature pre-measured doses and provide an effortless way of consuming CBD for many people who like having a tasty and convenient CBD experience. CBD Oils and tinctures are fast-acting. Consumers take them sublingually (under the tongue), which allows the compound to enter the bloodstream faster through sublingual blood vessels.

Applying CBD Directly to the skin: Topical CBD products

Topical CBD products enable you to apply the compound directly to the skin along with other nourishing ingredients. They are easy to include in a skincare regimen and carry around to reapply as needed throughout the day.

Inhaling CBD products: CBD Vaporizers

Some prefer inhaling CBD through CBD vaporizers which provide quick results. Although oral and topical products are the most popular administration methods amongst CBD consumers, those who like vaping find this method enjoyable.

Getting Started With CBD

Beginning your CBD journey calls for a product that fits your goals, needs, and lifestyle habits. Not all products contain the same quality CBD or provide the same strength or other ingredients in a bottle; it’s essential to look at different aspects to consider before buying your first CBD product so that you can find what you need.

How to Choose High-Quality CBD

The demand for hemp-derived CBD has been in the last few years, and the growing popularity of the compound resulted in an increased number of CBD retailers and manufacturers. Cannabidiol is now available at nearly every store, and selecting high-quality products has become challenging. Different brands provide consumers with varying ingredients, extraction methods, different prices, strengths, and packaging. There are so many products on the market, shopping for CBD may seem like a daunting experience, but it should never stop you from acquiring a top-grade product. Finding a high-quality CBD may sound challenging but knowing the aspects to consider when choosing the product may help you in the process.

  • Hemp’s origin: One of the most crucial aspects that define your CBD’s quality is its origin. Hemp drives heavy metals and pesticides from the ground, which allows it to heal the soil. While hemp can benefit nature, if it derives from contaminated land, you may buy a product with unwanted ingredients, so it is essential to know where the hemp comes from before it reaches your door. Premium brands have nothing to hide, so always check your CBD’s origin in the product you buy.
  • Unwanted Ingredients: The products you acquire should be free of harsh chemicals and pesticides that can be detrimental to your health.  Although hemp’s origin will help you determine your product’s quality, it’s crucial to see the third-party lab test results to ensure there are no unwanted ingredients in the bottle, including more than the allowed amount of THC. Shop from brands that make test results available to customers to prove the quality.
  • Amount of CBD Per Bottle: The amount of CBD per bottle and serving is essential to consider when shopping for CBD. It determines the strength of the product, and the stronger it is, the higher its potency, and it’s still crucial to know the amount of CBD you are getting to set the desired daily dose. When a product doesn’t feature the amount of CBD on the label, you should consider other buying options.
  • THC in the product: According to federal law, hemp-derived products can contain only trace amounts of THC, which is up to .3%. Seeing a product on a shelf doesn’t guarantee it has only the psychoactive compound’s legally allowed amount. Mislabeled products on the market may leave you with unwanted side effects and consequences. In the FDA’s report in 2020, half of the 147 CBD products contained THC levels above the limit of quantitation, which was 3.1 mg per serving. Such mislabeled CBD products may cause a false-positive tetrahydrocannabinol urine drug screen. Unfortunately, drug tests cannot differentiate the sources of THC. Testing positive for THC can become an issue for some employers as marijuana is still considered illegal under federal law. To eliminate purchasing one of the mislabeled products on the market, always look for the third-party lab test results that confirm a product doesn’t feature more than the allowed amount of THC.
  • Look for the Expiration Date: CBD expires Like any other perishable product. Its shelf life depends on CBD oil type and other ingredients in the product. FDA guidelines require CBD products to display an expiration date on their label, so if a product doesn’t have it, it’s best not to buy it. 
  • Packaging: CBD packaging plays a crucial role in the quality of a product. CBD can degrade when exposed to air, so the package should be airtight and must have safety seals. Loose-fitting lids or punctures that allow the air to enter the box are excellent reasons to look for other buying options. When you plan to take your CBD with you to places you go, ensure the packaging isn’t too large for the amount of the product in the bottle. Moreover, a tincture needs to have a dark-colored glass bottle to prevent sunlight from degrading CBD.
  • Shop from a Reputable Brand: New CBD brands appear every day, and it’s tough to find a company that guarantees quality and safety. Everyone promises top quality, yet not all have proof for it. When shopping for CBD, choose a brand transparent about its products. Now you have a vast amount of information at your fingertips, thanks to the internet. Here you can check a brand’s website, social media, reviews, third-party lab test results, blogs, etc. When a brand doesn’t have a website or looks unprofessional, doesn’t provide sufficient information about their products, doesn’t have any reviews, social media channels, and blogs, you should find more reliable retailers.

Common Signs of Low-Quality CBD Products

Unfortunately, not all CBD sellers provide high-quality products. With such a wide array of options, it’s easy to get your hands on low-quality CBD products that may come with unwanted ingredients and side effects. To avoid buying one, consider the common elements low-quality CBD products may have:

  • The product doesn’t provide per serving or per bottle information about the amount of CBD.
  • The label does not provide information on other ingredients in the product.
  • The product does not have safety seals, and the container is not airtight. The glass of the tincture bottle is transparent, allowing sunlight to degrade CBD in the bottle.
  • Has meager price
  • The manufacturer doesn’t provide information about the origin of hemp.
  • The hemp isn’t grown in the U.S.
  • The product features non-organic CBD.

Where to Buy CBD Products Online?

Many consumers who like to shop online turn to the biggest online stores for any purchase; There is no single product you cannot find on Amazon. The fast delivery options won’t leave anyone disappointed. However, Amazon may not be the ideal place to acquire cannabidiol. Selling CBD on Amazon is prohibited, according to its selling policies. Hemp seed oil widely available on Amazon doesn’t contain CBD or THC. Hemp seed oil derives from hemp seed ‒  not the hemp plant, so unlike CBD oil, it does not feature the many helpful cannabinoids. So, if not the eCommerce giant, where can you buy CBD oil and ensure you are getting what you intend – high-quality CBD without unwanted ingredients? It’s best to shop directly from reputable brands and make purchases on their online stores. Here you should have access to the product catalog, third-party lab test results, and details about the products such as other ingredients, the origin of hemp, and CBD production methods you are getting.

Different Forms of CBD

People’s goals, needs, and lifestyle choices differ, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution for those who want to add CBD to their routines. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many options on the market, so it’s essential to know which products are well-suited for your routine.

CBD products differ variously from their packaging to the ingredients in the bottle. While one might assume CBD is the same regardless of the brand, the quality, extraction methods, and even CBD concentration differ.

There are Three Main Types of CBD extract:

  • CBD extract containing only pure CBD without other cannabinoids and terpenes known as CBD isolateis a perfect choice for consumers who wish to try CBD without other cannabis compounds. However, your body may not fully absorb the compound without the help of other ingredients, such as carrier oils. Additionally, other cannabinoids help the body to benefit from CBD products fully. The most common way of consuming CBD isolate is by taking it as a powder under the tongue, but you can also digest CBD isolate or take it via a vaping pipe or liquids.
  • CBD products that contain all active compounds in cannabis, including THC in legal amounts (up to .3%), are called full-spectrum CBD products.  Full-spectrum CBD is an excellent choice if you wish to acquire the combination of cannabis elements due to the entourage effect, a theory according to which CBD is more effective when taken with other cannabis compounds. 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD products like full-spectrum CBD products include all the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, but they don’t feature THC. Consumers who wish to find a THC-free solution but still want to obtain the benefits of other compounds in cannabis like terpenes choose broad-spectrum CBD products.


Types of CBD Products

CBD Softgels

CBD softgels provide an effortless way to consume CBD without the need to measure the amount of the compound you take. Softgels are easy to carry around and swallow anytime at anyplace. While Softgels may provide the quickest way of CBD consumption, they may take longer to absorb the product through the digestive system than take it sublingually. However, nano CBD is more bioavailable than other softgels. When you acquire products made through advanced nano-emulsion technology, you will invest in faster results.

New Leaf Botanics CBD Softgel Capsules: Increased Bioavailability of the Top-Grade CBD

At New Leaf Botanics, you can shop for a wide assortment of top-grade CBD products from Colorado-grown hemp using organic farming practices. Products at New Leaf Botanics are free of harsh chemicals and pesticides. We take an additional step to remove unwanted elements in our products, including THC. Third-party lab test results are available for your peace of mind to prove the quality and ingredients in the bottle you purchase. Moreover, with nano-emulsion technology, at New Leaf Botanics, we offer softgels with more-absorbent ingredients. Nano-emulsion technology allows CBD to dissolve in water-substances, and because the human body comprises mostly water, nano CBD may affect your body quickly upon taking the product. So, with our softgels, less is more, and they can affect your body much quicker. We offer CBD softgel capsules – Everyday formula, Good Night Formula, and Curcumin Formula. New Leaf Botanics CBD Softgel capsules are THC-free and provide an effortless way of consuming CBD. Softgel Capsules with Melatonin can help with your sleep cycle. Our Curcumin formula combines turmeric derivative, a famous remedy to treat joint pain for thousands of years, with CBD for maximum effect.

CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures are a favorite choice amongst CBD beginners; they are easy to consume, provide a pleasant flavor, and allow a precise measurement of the compound a consumer wishes to take. You can choose between different flavors and drop a few drops under the tongue with a convenient dropper. Tinctures provide fast absorption rates through blood vessels under the tongue, so it’s an excellent choice for those looking for quick results. Unlike pre-measured CBD softgels, tinctures allow you to control the amount of CBD you take. Newcomers love CBD tinctures as they enable to determine the amount of the compound that works for them.

The fast-Acting product you can trust: New Leaf Botanics CBD Tinctures

New Leaf Botanics CBD tinctures feature our top-grade hemp extract in a concentrated liquid form and come in three delicious varieties: Summer Lemon, Tranquil Mint, and Citrus Orange flavors. Regardless of the flavor you choose, you’ll see fast-acting results from the premium-grade CBD products on the market. Like any other product at New Leaf Botanics, our tinctures are THC-free and free of unwanted ingredients. Moreover, you can choose between different CBD amounts per bottle on our online store to select your desired strength.

CBD Edibles

Without a doubt, CBD edibles are the best choice for gourmands who like to transform the CBD journey into a delicious experience. CBD edibles provide a fun way to get started with CBD. They require no more than chewing and swallowing tasty snacks. There are various CBD infused foods you can choose from

  • cookies
  • hard candies
  • chocolates
  • chips
  • cakes
  • honey

and more.

Consumers who are skilled cooks may want to try cooking and baking CBD-infused foods at home, using various recipes.

However, the superstar of CBD edibles remains CBD gummies. They provide pre-measured CBD doses, numerous tasty variations, and are convenient to carry around. While CBD-infused foods have a much shorter shelf life and may spoil within a few days or even hours, you can keep gummies for much longer, and they won’t melt or spoil in your bag. They also allow you to take CBD quickly and conveniently without much effort or many calories.

CBD Gummies: Fruitful Flavors at New Leaf Botanics

You can choose between green apple and strawberry Lemonade CBD gummies; both provide you with our premium-grade CBD and flavorful experience. Our delicious edible gummies are great snacks to take with you on your journeys on-the-go. They are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and THC-free, so you can enjoy delicious snacks without worrying about unwanted side effects. Moreover, we confirm the ingredients of your product using independent third-party lab testing. Test results are available on our website for our customers’ peace of mind.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are great for those who wish to apply CBD directly to their skin. They come in the form of creams, lotions, moisturizers, butter, or salves that offer varying amounts of CBD and different ingredients. They may help relieve certain skin conditions when combined with other potentially beneficial components, such as glycerin, menthol, olive oil, aloe vera, niacinamide, zinc, tea tree oil, and so forth. 

New Leaf Botanics CBD Topicals – The Premium Formula for Your Skin

Our CBD Sport Cream combines numerous natural, highly beneficial ingredients that work in perfect harmony with the skin and body for those who like to stay physically active. Some of the all-natural ingredients in our sports cream include:

  • Menthol for delivering a refreshing sensation to the skin;
  • Organic Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil – for hydration to the body;
  • Organic Aloe Leaf Juice which encourages healing while providing additional moisture to the skin;
  • Organic glycerin – combating dry skin and maintaining a healthy balance of healthy oils, even in cold weather.

New Leaf Botanics CBD Hemp Salve stick combines our top-grade CBD power with other beneficial ingredients to improve dry, flaky skin texture. This convenient salve stick is excellent at home or on-the-go as it comes in an easy-to-use, twist-up stick applicator that is easy to take carry around. The Salve stick helps nurture your skin and makes a perfect addition to your routine to boost your confidence. It’s an excellent choice for those with a hectic lifestyle looking for convenient and easy solutions. It combines organic ingredients that work for your skin and body:

  • Organic Shea Butter –
  • Organic Beeswax –
  • Organic Jojoba Seed Oil 
  • Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract 

These premium organic ingredients combined into one convenient stick bring comfort and confidence into your everyday life.

CBD Vaporizers

Smoking is another common way of consuming CBD as it delivers fast results and is an attractive choice for those who enjoy smoking using CBD vape juice or CBD oil pens or cartridges. Before buying CBD vaporizers, keep in mind that most states regulate indoor vaping, and it’s prohibited everywhere where smoking is banned.

Absorption Rates

CBD Bioavailability

CBD bioavailability is the percentage of the compound that your body absorbs when consuming the substance. It’s easy to assume the more you take, the better results you will get, but it’s not always true. When you take CBD oil orally, your stomach breaks it down before it goes into your bloodstream, and the amount of the compound that your body absorbs is less than the amount you take, which can be somewhere between 13-19%.

The Nano-Emulsion Technology

The cells in our bodies can only directly absorb practices between 60-80 nanometers in size. Nano is a unit prefix, which means “one billionth,” so one nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. Cannabinoids in standard CBD products are 2000 nanometers in size. As CBD is now amongst the most-demanded products, few laboratories have already developed CBD nano-emulsion production method which can provide users with increased absorption rates. The nano-emulsion production method uses ultrasonic waves to shatter CBD molecules into dozens of tiny CBD “nanoparticles” below 100 nanometers in size. Emulsifying agents then stabilize it in the water. CBD after its extraction from hemp is an oily substance that can mix with oil-based ingredients. Because the human body comprises mostly water, it’s more challenging to absorb cannabinoids in oil than water. CBD can dissolve in water-substances with the nano-emulsion CBD production method. Nano CBD can be up to 200% more bioavailable than traditional CBD and can affect your body almost immediately.

How Much CBD to Take

Setting the right dose of CBD is one of the crucial aspects of adding CBD to your routine, and yet, there is no single dose that works for everyone. The proper dosage of CBD depends on your body chemistry, body weight, and goals, amongst other factors. When you begin consuming CBD, it’s best to start with smaller dosages such as 20-40mg per day and gradually increase the amount you take to see what works for your body. As softgels and edibles usually come with predetermined CBD doses per serving, it’s best to get started with CBD tinctures, so you can control the amount to take.

When to Take Your Daily Dose of CBD

When getting started with CBD, you may wonder what’s the best time of the day to take the compound. Although you can take CBD at any time you desire based on your goals and needs, it’s always best to create a schedule for taking the daily dose of CBD. Some prefer taking it in the morning for a confident beginning of the day, while others like to chew their edibles between meals. Once you determine the proper dosage of CBD that works for your body, you can decide how many times and when you want to ingest it. 

When you take CBD with a supplement such as melatonin for better sleep, you should take it before bedtime. You can include CBD topicals into your skincare regimen in the morning and at night, or use it before or after a workout.

Creating a CBD schedule will help you make it a healthful habit, and you won’t forget to take the daily dose of the compound.

Consider Prices

CBD prices vary across retailers for a good reason – not all CBD is created equally. Top-grade CBD extracted from organically grown hemp in the United States will likely cost more than CBD from untrusted sources. Some brands use scientifically advanced extraction and purification methods to eliminate harmful, unwanted compounds like heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and molds, which increases the cost of production. Most importantly, brands that provide third-party lab test results to confirm their products’ content and quality provide an added comfort and safety layer. Considering these aspects, don’t get too thrilled when you see a low price when shopping for CBD because CBD isn’t cheap. A low price may indicate a low-quality product.  There is no formula to calculate how much you should be paying for CBD, and it depends on various aspects such as processing methods, ingredients, packaging, strength, etc. Still, It’s essential to search for products online and compare prices before investing in one. Usually, the cost of CBD tinctures starts at $35 and increases based on numerous factors.

How to Store CBD Products

Commonly most CBD products have an 18-month shelf life, but it’s always best to look at the label for an expiration date. You should store your products in a cool, dry place in their original containers. Direct sunlight, heat, and air exposure can cause CBD to degrade, so properly storing your products is essential. You don’t need to keep them in the fridge, but it’s safe to keep them refrigerated if you wish to do so. The most common place to keep them is a kitchen or a bathroom cabinet, depending on the product you have and your goals. For instance, if you include CBD topicals into your skincare regimen, you probably want to keep it with other skincare products, or if you like to take your softgels along with other supplements, then it’s better to keep them in one place. If you prefer taking CBD products with you on your adventures, then it’s best to keep them in your bag.

Correctly storing your CBD products is crucial. Leaving a bottle of CBD in the sun for the entire day in your vehicle on a sunny day can cause the product to lose its potency, and that’s not what you want.

Start Your Journey with Top-Grade CBD Products Today!

We hope the guide above helped you feel more confident to begin your CBD journey. Buying your first CBD product is exciting, but choosing the right product for your needs can be overpowering. Shopping for CBD is supposed to be a joyful experience, so If you are looking for premium-quality hemp-derived CBD, look no further! At New Leaf Botanics, we offer products featuring CBD from Colorado-grown hemp without unwanted ingredients. We provide third-party ab test results to confirm the quality so that you can add CBD to your routine with confidence. Get started with CBD today, shop online 24/7, and we will deliver our premium products straight to your door! 

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