Useful Criteria to Look for When Buying CBD

You may already have been convinced by your CBD enthusiast friends to add hemp-derived products to your shopping bag, but which ones to choose becomes a tough decision to make. With innumerable CBD products on the market, it’s essential to think twice before grabbing one to end up with a reliable product. When shopping for wellness solutions, you need to make the right choices for better results. Buying CBD for the first time is exciting and overwhelming, and before you swipe your card to make a purchase, we have combined several aspects for you to consider when choosing the proper CBD product for your needs.

Origin of Hemp

Ahead of placing your hemp-derived products in your kitchen cabinet, it’s crucial to know where it comes from before reaching your door. When shopping for CBD, you are looking for top-quality products, but it’s impossible to determine the quality without knowing the origin of the hemp it contains. Hemp is amongst those plants that heal soil by accumulating heavy metals and toxins from the ground. To put it in a nutshell, while it’s exciting to add CBD to your regimen, you wouldn’t want it to be from hemp grown in Chernobyl, famous for the nuclear disaster. Hemp from contaminated land may result in your products containing unwanted ingredients. Not all brands are transparent about their products, but it’s essential to check the hemp’s origin before buying your CBD product to ensure high quality.

Amount of THC in the product

THC is the compound in the cannabis plant famous for its mind-altering effects on humans. Hemp-derived CBD products contain less than 0,3 percent of THC, are safe to use, and will not cause any impairing impact on you. However, there may be mislabeled products on the market containing more than 0,3% THC. To avoid buying one, look for the third-party lab test results to confirm only the legally allowed THC amount in the product and purchase it from a reputable brand.  Some brands take an additional step to remove THC entirely out of products and offer THC-free CBD.

Third-Party Lab Test Results

While many companies claim to provide the best product on the market, not so many offer proof. It’s vital to shop for CBD from brands that offer third-lab test results. It’s how you determine your product is pure and doesn’t contain unwanted ingredients and a way to prove it doesn’t have more than the allowed amount of THC.

Amount of CBD in the product

Not all products contain the same amount of CBD, and the amount per serving also differs. It’s essential to know how much CBD you take to understand what dose works best for you. So, when buying a product, look for labels that provide per-serving information. Some product types may offer a pre-measured amount of CBD, and if one capsule, for instance, contains more than what you want to start with, then look for products with a lower CBD amount per serving or invest in CBD tinctures.

Product Type

CBD products differ, and which ones you choose depends on your preferences and goals. While some may prefer dripping a few drops of the oil under the tongue, others may want to find more effortless ways of taking CBD, perhaps by swallowing softgels or chewing CBD gummies. With CBD tinctures, it’s easy to control the amount of CBD you take. Softgels and CBD edibles provide pre-measured CBD amount per serving. Getting started with CBD may come with many questions, and you perhaps want to determine the best amount of CBD that works for your body. In such cases, it’s best to shop for tinctures or get CBD products that offer low concentrations of CBD, such as 10mg per serving. The products you choose depend on your lifestyle and preferences and how you want to incorporate CBD in your regimen. While some wish to take CBD orally, if you are amongst athletes or people who stay physically active, you may want to check out CBD topicals to apply directly to your skin. Moreover, choose the products with convenient packaging that will allow you to carry your products to places you go for maximum confidence.

Nanoemulsion Technology

With traditional CBD oil, the amount of compound that makes it to your bloodstream is less than the amount you take. CBD after extraction is an oily substance and will only mix with oil-based ingredients. Because the human body comprises mostly water, it may be challenging to absorb cannabinoids in the oil. Although CBD is not compatible with water, it can dissolve in water-substances thanks to the nanoemulsion CBD production method. It uses ultrasonic waves to shatter CBD molecules into tiny CBD “nanoparticles” below 100 nanometers in size, and then emulsifying agents stabilize them in the water.

CBD bioavailability is the percentage of the substance that your body absorbs after processing it. Standard CBD oil goes through the liver and the digestive tract, and only a part of it makes it to the bloodstream. Manufacturers claim that nanoemulsion can increase CBD bioavailability. The absorption rates are faster, bypassing liver metabolism. So, perhaps it’s worth giving a shot and shopping for nano CBD for possibly quicker and better results.

Shop from a Reputable Brand

Millions of Americans buy CBD every day, and with such growing demand for hemp-derived products, new brands also appear daily. It’s easy to get lost in an endless list of product names and manufacturers. It’s essential to choose a brand transparent about its processing methods, the origin of hemp, and provides all necessary information about its CBD products. Luckily, the internet can help you in the process. Check the brand’s website, social media, online reviews, and blogs. Additionally, you can see third-party test results online and check each product’s ingredients before ordering one. A shady online experience, unclear product descriptions without providing much information, or the customer service not giving support are enough reasons to abandon the site and look for a better solution.

Compare Prices

In our digitalized world, a vast amount of information is at your fingertips, including the prices of your wellness products. Don’t go for cheap solutions – you get what you pay for. There is no precise formula to calculate how much you should be paying for your wellness solutions, but It’s essential to search for products online and compare prices before investing in one. A surprisingly high or low price for a product may be the reason to think twice before ordering it.

Buying your first CBD product can be thrilling, but so many concerns and questions may get you overpowered. Choosing the right product for your needs should be a joyful experience. If you are looking for premium-quality solutions, look no further! At New Leaf Botanics, we offer products crafted from Colorado-grown hemp using organic farming practices. We extract our CDB via a proprietary nanoemulsion process, bringing high-quality CBD to the local market. Get started with CBD today, shop online 24/7, and we will deliver our premium products straight to your door!